I’m excited to announce the release of my story “The Great Train Screw-Up” starring Durham Red, the mutant vampire bounty hunter from the 2000AD comic series Strontium Dog, in Dogbreath issue #28.  This, my debut story in Dogbreath, was drawn by the talented David Broughton.  This is the first time someone other than me has drawn one of my comics, and I’m lucky to have been paired with someone so talented.

For those of you who don’t know, 2000AD is a long-running science fiction comic book from the UK.  Their best-known character is Judge Dredd, but 2000AD is also the home of Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper, the ABC Warriors, Slaine, and many others.  Dogbreath is one of several fanzines starring 2000AD characters published by FutureQuake Press.  While they are not official appearances of the 2000AD characters, FutureQuake does have the blessing of 2000AD’s publisher, and a number of creators who now work at 2000AD started at FutureQuake.

The images above are the cover and first unlettered page of my story.  Dogbreath #28, as well as other FutureQuake comics, can be purchased at http://www.futurequake.co.uk/shop.php.  Non-UK residents must get in touch with them first before ordering to confirm shipping costs.

I’m very excited to have a story in this magazine and to work with David Broughton, and I look forward to more opportunities with FutureQuake.

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